The Bring the Song Project was founded on a simple principle. Aspiring songwriters, helping one another to write one song a month. In the first year alone, over 500 original songs were created, from musicians all over the planet.

People of all ages, genre's and walks of life are participating - some writing first songs, others continuing and growing as songwriters and musicians. 

The Bring the Song Project expands on that original idea with a community focused on encouraging and helping each other write and publish songs.

With songwriting challenges, contests, song-writing grants, and compilation CDs, Bring the Song has something for every aspiring songwriter - no matter the skill or experience.

In many ways, the modern music publishing industry has redefined what a song is, and taken it away from the hands of everyday people. the radio and publishing industry have turned song into a commodity, meant to be bought and sold, but not hand-made and shared. The Bring the Song Project wants to change that, or more accurately, wants to help you change that. Bring the Song is about real people making real music.

Join the community in our forum to participate, create, share, and encourage others... Bring the Song... 

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